Scott Hulbert lives in Los Angeles and builds experiences for the web.

What I'm Reading

Things I've Built

Centinela Valley Union High School District Website

My foundation is mastery of HTML & CSS . For this site, I wrote HTML & CSS for the layout and styling and was responsible for pixel-perfect reproduction of the mocked design. Some HTML in dynamic areas and <head> is outside of my control and less than optimal. Works in IE6+.

School Video Section

Wrote most CSS and Javascript for the interactions on this page, as well as the proof-of-concept code for feature and Flash/HTML5 detection and video resizing.

This Video Gallery feature runs on about 200 sites and was a complete overhaul of the previous version of the feature.

Quick first/last name search optimized for mobile speeds

Prototype of teacher search by first and last name that is not Javascript library dependent. This runs nearly instantaneously on an iPhone 3G and degrades elegantly on devices without Javascript.

CMS Feature for Uploading School Videos

This prototype is now live and used by staff at 200+ schools to upload video. The visual look is intended to be similar to the existing CMS. This feature was tested pretty extensively and changes were made pre- and post-launch to account for user understanding of where videos appear, anti-patterns used in other parts of the CMS (i.e. confusion over whether it was okay to press save while the video was uploading), and more.

Note: There's a faded out menu in the upper left to flip through pages which is part of a small framework I built for prototyping that rewrites URLs, uses various templates, allows for notes and navigation, etc.